FAQ (Frequently Ask Questions)


Delivery is by pakke.dk who uses UPS.

Ask for a price - normally the cost for a Stangtennis Pro with accessories is approximately 300 dkr.

- Shipping Cost may be greater for the islands, peripheral Denmark and abroad - send your order and shipping address and get a price.

Balls and other minor things (without the purchase of Svingball Pro) is sent with Post Denmark.

When the order is approved and the freight is ordered, you will receive a link to pakke.dk - the link will take you to UPS (occasionally the UPS trackingsystem is out of order, but the delivery is very reliable). If you want UPS to place your order somewhere if you're not home, put a note on your frontdoor - UPS does not accept information from me about this, why a note on the door to the driver is needed. If you do not want to put a note on your doorstep - you can instead create a UPS MY Choice profile by UPS: Register where you want to UPS generally must put packages for you. The UPS delivery time is 9-17 which can not be changed or specified.

Orders to a non-EU country

When importing Stangtennis Pro to a non EU-contry, the danish VAT on 25% will be deductet from the prices on the webpage.

Tax from the non-EU contry will be charged from the non-EU contry.


Cash on pickup, electronic bill for public institutions or

Transfer to regnr. 9211 account no. 4585953941

Order from other countries use IBAN: DK3692114585953941, Swiff CODE: SPNODK22


The optimum space from Svingball Pro rod has a radius of 4 meters, so there is room to swing the racket.

Why is there only winners and no loosers in Stangtennis Pro?

Stangtennis Pro is designed with the win-win principle and is therefore without spiral or another winner-loser device (at the moment). The game is in itself motivating and focusing on the pleasure of doing something by hitting the ball hard. The game gives the opportunity for players on different levels and opens up for playing together when focusing on the game and not necessarily to lose / win. When the competition element is not present, more playsers can play simultaneously - in tennis clubs are seen daily up to 6 players  at the same time, as the players have fun, talk and strikes when the ball is near them.

However, I am going to make a counter and a app for Stangtennis Pro, so that there is a choice to compete or not compete. There will be the opportunity to choose different game types. I hope to get it done before during 2017.

Is there a minimumage for playing Stangtennis Pro?

Stangtennis Pro is for children and adults of all ages.

Children have an amazing ability to see beyond the boundries, why even the smallest children can use Tether Pro - maybe just in their own way until they are ready to swing the racket and play the traditional game. Many of the little ones enjoy themselves to throw the ball and catch it after one or more laps - either the tennis ball on a leash or Kampsport or/Martial Arts Pro. When their eye-ball coordination improved gradually and they become inspired by older children and adults, they will find it natural to hit the ball with a racket. It is therefore a good idea to give the younger children time with the game either alone or together with an adult or another child at the same age with no rackets, so that they become confident and accustomed to the game before playing the traditional game. Stangtennis Pro/Tether Pro is fun for for ALL ages.