Fun and durable

Svingball Pro (Stangtennis Pro in danish) withstands playing with real tennis rackets by  adults and can withstand being outdoors all summer.

Durable in all conditions

Have You had a svingball where the rod bent, the cord snapped, the ball went off the cord? Those days are over!

Home, away, in or outdoor

Svingball Pro can be used in all holes with a diameter of min 54 mm. I can customize the bar, so it fits in holes with different sizes and shapes - ask me and we will find a solution.


Svingball Pro can be used for more than just the traditional game

Kampsport Pro

Kick or punch the ball with hands, feet and head. It is easy for younger children and does not hurt to be hitten by.

Top cover

Avoid dirt in the ground pike - buy a top cover to put in the ground pike when the svingball pole is up.

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All players are winners

You get tired of losing in svingball, if you play against someone who is better. Therefore Svingball Pro is produced with a win-win concept:  The spinning top has no spriral, and can in theory go round and round endlessly. This creates a good atmosphere and focuses on the pleasure of hitting the ball. Svingball is a fun game where the aim is to play and where the pleasure is to hit the ball.

When all are winners , there may be more people to play - in fact, up to 6 players!

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